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          Canadian Geographic Education
          geographic engagement
          among Canadians

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          โปรโมชั่น แทง บอล แจก เสื้อ

          Canadian Geographic Education (Can Geo Education) is the educational committee of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

          The programs of Can Geo Education aim to strengthen geographic education in the classroom. In addition to increasing the emphasis on geography within the school system, Can Geo Education endeavours to increase the public awareness of the importance of geographical literacy.

          News from Can Geo Education

          WHAT’S NEW


          Canadian Geographic Challenge
          Meet the finalists of the 2019 Canadian Geographic Challenge! »

          How Canadian students are learning to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle »

          Jill Heinerth, RCGS Explorer-in-Residence, visits Thunder Bay to share exploration techniques with students »

          Canadian Geographic Challenge
          Meet the 2018 Can Geo Challenge national finalists »

          Can Geo Education to launch the Canadian Geography Olympiad »

          CPAC and the RCGS launch the Route 338 multimedia project on democracy in Canada »
          More news »
          Can Geo Education Programs



          Geography Challenge - a national student competition organized nationally by Can Geo Education for students from Grades 4 to 10.

          Geographic Literacy - Can Geo Education has a mandate to raise the public profile of geographic literacy in Canada.

          Arnold PD Subsidy - an annual subsidy that helps Canadian teachers to participate in conferences or professional-development courses in geography.
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          Can Geo Education Resources



          Learning Centre - ready-to-use lesson plans and classroom activities that were written by qualified Can Geo Education teachers and available for every curriculum in Canada.

          Giant floor maps: Canadian Geographic Education’s newest set of resources, the giant floor map program, is an innovative approach to teaching Canadian students about geography. It provides students a different type of learning — one that takes them out of the comforts of their classroom and into the great big world of geography.

          Tiled maps: Download free pdfs of any of Canadian Geographic Education’s tiled maps and accompanying teaching sheet to encourage students to explore Canada piece by piece.

          Teaching about Geographical Thinking - Teachers wanting to engage students in geographical thinking through critical inquiry will find this book a very welcome resource.

          Canadian Geographic - get a 50% discount on a one-year subscription to Canadian Geographic. Also, check out the Canadian Atlas Online and the Can Geo Kids website for more resources.

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          Can Geo Education Awards



          To recognize outstanding achievement, Canadian Geographic Education presents awards to deserving individuals.

          Geoliteracy Award - to honour and recognize individual effort in the development, enhancement and or promotion of geographic literacy in Canadian education

          Stuart Semple Scholarship - Awarded annually to a graduating student of geography in Atlantic Canada to pursue a B.Ed. degree, with a view to him or her becoming a geography teacher at a school in the region. .

          Innovation in Geography Teaching Award - Canadian Geographic Education, the educational network of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS), is pleased to annually recognize an educator who has gone above and beyond their job description to further geographic literacy with the Innovation in Geography Teaching award.

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          Register your school to participate in this exciting annual event for students in Grades 4-10.

          Besides being fun, educational and easy to administer, the Geography Challenge is a terrific opportunity for your students and your school to shine in the spotlight!

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          “Students love taking part in the Geography Challenge and each year they learn more and more. Thank you for creating this great motivator for geography”

          National Geographic Education Foundation

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